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    Clean/Crisp Designs wanted! Willing to pay $500++

    Need designers to create websites based on 3rd party scripts

    xpanel (Free Hosting Script)
    sebflipper (Free Forum Script)
    IndexU (Directory Script)
    BlogHoster (Blog Hosting Script)
    and etc. etc. etc.

    If you can create clean!!!! designs "and" integrate the designs with the scripts,

    Please PM me with your portfolio and quote. or contact me via Messenger

    Willing to pay $500-$750+ and above depending on quality. Looking for long term designers!

    MSN Messenger: [email protected]
    Yahoo IM: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]


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    I recommend doing business with Mike, He recently purchased a template from me and the transaction was smooth and effortless!

    Thanks a bunch Mike
    Anthony Bullock
    Freelance Website & Graphic Designer - Freelance Design Portfolio
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  3. Mike,

    I have added you to my MSN contact list and I have also emailed you with further information.

    Friendly Greetings,
    Dieter K.

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    Is it $500-$750+ per script or for all scripts?

    Meaning you only want 1 designer or a couple to design for each script?

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    it's $500-$750+ per script but that's dependent on quality.

    For lower quality.. I wouldn't pay more than $100.

    Anyways.. looking for higher end designers.



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    It would be a good idea to contract a design firm (probably from WHT if you wish), as design firms usually have both coders and designers on their team. Design firms also have more then one individual working, so things can get alot faster. I wont recommend anyone as I havnt used any others services (I myself am a designer).

    Best of luck finding someone(s) to help you accomplish your goals.

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    XPanel templates they make templates for XPanel
    see in action

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    I'm going to email you shortly with further information.

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