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    What CMS system did this site use??

    Could anyone tell me what CMS this site is using?


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    Looks like basic html.

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    Yep, Abvex is right--it's plain HTML.

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    I think it's worth sending them an e-mail asking that question. There are plenty of CMSs out there which could create those pages. While an inspection of the code does look like it's a template and everything's hand-coded, there are too many vehicles represented for the site not to be under some sort of management. It just wouldn't make sense to do it that way, would it?

    There are links like this on the site, which appear to be some sort of image management system:

    Which certainly looks like a CMS, but then again:

    All that PHP script really is, is an ad rotator.

    Nice site, afa340a! Can you believe this is the interior of a BMW? It looks so Italian!

    Can you imagine the maintenance effort of a hard-coded, flat-file website like that? Yikes!

    Some of you know I like BMW Coupes. I didn't know I'd like 'em just as much in purple:

    I'm daydreaming now, goodbye! I'll leave you with this thought:
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    Thanks everyone for your help, my brother is building out a site about boats that needs the same "skeleton". I thought this was a CMS. What do you think about Mambo? Could he do this with that?

    I'm looking for a CMS that would work well for something like this.

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