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    * Thousands of signups for your site GURANTEED! Hotmail/MSN/Yahoo Contacts Retriever!

    Wouldnt it be great to run a website with 1000 users per day?
    But this is just the start, how about 10,000 signups?
    Or better still 100,000 signups everyday?

    No we DONT SELL traffic, we let you control your own site, your own service and manage your own traffic. All you need to do is enable your existing users to get the word out. Our script can help you achieve this.

    Contacts Retriever is a PHP script that can be installed on your website. It allows your users to use their Hotmail/MSN/Yahoo email and password on your website to connect to one of the service above. The script will then import the user's address book and retrieve the list of contacts. These contacts can then be emailed through your website to promote your products and services.

    You can join in on the secret behind the growth of many high traffic "internet phenomenon" who combine an IDENTICAL script with their services. Here are a few examples of websites who use this technology, some of whom are existing clients of ours:

    Take advantage of your own assets - the users - to promote yourself. NEVER pay for advertising EVER! Let your business grow from within! Purchase our Contacts Retriever NOW!

    Contacts Retriever can be used for forums, online communities, affiliate business, social networks, dating sites, and many more. Generally, if you have a service where you use "Refere a friend" or "Send to a friend" then this script is for you!

    System Requirements: PHP version require PHP Curl library installed with openSSL Support. This is ready available on almost all standard web hosting providers.
    Compatible Service Address Books:
    Price: $150.00 PayPal only!
    Special Offer: For a limited time only, the script can be purchased for $100.00 - only available to the first 3 WHT orders!

    PM me to complete your order. You will receive a package containing:
    - Script files (Yahoo/MSN/Hotmail Contacts Retriever)
    - Installation manual (readme.txt)
    - Simple, efficient, powerful and modular!

    Thank you for reading, and goodluck with your business!

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    The script will then import the user's address book and retrieve the list of contacts.
    This is with or without the knowledge of the email address you are "gathering"?

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    Of course this is with the user's knowledge. Imagine an article with the link "send to friend" except you dont need to type their email and its not just one friend but (upon the user's choice) all or a selected few contacts to inform.

    I recommend you sign up to one of the sites I listed to see this system working for yourself.

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    Do you have a demo available?
    Hockey is Life

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    One purchase completed, only two more are entitled to the discounted price.

    infinityws I've sent you a PM

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    can I take a look at the demo too?

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    Just to clarify...

    Is it or is it not your script that is running on the above mentioned popular websites?

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