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    Please read, and do your country proud.


    I am willing to exchange my services in order for a sponsorship on a project that will touch the hearts of many I'm sure. A good friend, and fellow Armed Forces memebr has fallen in the line of duty. He died in a combat zone Convoy explosion Thursday night. His name was Gavin Colburn, and being a close friend and brother to him I would like to start a dedication site to him.

    I can exchange my services of writing articles to coding php, css, html, sql, etc. I am a moderate coder, but will work my butt off to pay off something of this standard.

    Gavin was a wonderful person, and I have a full biography that can be read about this kid, if anyone would like to journey down that road.. just to see how close we were and how much this project means to em.

    Please get back to me at [email protected] as this is a huge important project that I wish to start soon.

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    Request fullfilled thanks to everyone for their responses.

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    Good luck to you!

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    I'm sorry for your loss... good luck in your project!!

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    I also wish you the best!
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    Good Luck sir.

    Your friend was a hero. To us all.

    God Bless!

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    In Iraq, it is really a pity for the humanbeing to die in such a situation. I have also done a lot to stop the iraq war, but it is too late.

    why we should fight with our brother ?

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    Thanks again to everyone. If you would like you can add those comments to Gavin's website at

    Thanks, again for your kind words.

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