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Thread: Read a book.

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    Read a book.

    When I started my webhosting company, I didn't know the first thing about running a business. Though both me and my partner managed to keep out of debt, we hadn't managed to make much profit. Que said books. As simplistic and obvious as this may sound, a bet the majority of members here who own a business haven't picked up any kind of book on running a business, or marketing for that matter.

    Books are your free help. Why hire an attorney, or a marketing consultant when you can just reed his/her book. There are some things that a pretty flash tutorial won't teach you. Half of the rediculously impossible to answer questions can be read about in a book.

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    Could you please post some books you consider as a good source of information?


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    The Wizard of Ads : Turning Words into Magic and Dreamers into Millionaires
    by Roy H. Williams

    A great marketing book. You have to use your head alittle, but a very insightful book. The best thing about it is it illustrates obvious and simple ideas, but you get a new respect for them, and their importance in business. It's mostly told in anectodes, but a great read. The author is CEO of a major Marketing Firm.

    Brand Warfare : 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand
    by David D'Alessandro

    A simple to understand book about the importance of brand. The author is CEO of John Hancock financial services, a major brand in its industry. Also told with examples and a few anecdotes.

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    Do you have any suggestions for books relating to just hosting? I want to learn everything about it, not just the basics.

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    There aren't any decent books dedicated to hosting,
    Hostime Managed Hosting
    Opening the bridge between your business and the world.

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    Running a hosting business is just like running any other business. Read one of those, you won't be left dissapointed.

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