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  1. #1 is for sale! PR5, very nice webmaster site + domain. is for sale! PR5, very nice webmaster site + domain.

    Yes, you read the title right. I am in need of money at the moment for personal reasons so I am going to look into selling this website. I am VERY reluctant to sell this site. In the past few months I have invested A LOT of time and money into this website. I have got very bit plans for this website, it will be such a shame to see it go. I am not definitely going to sell, but if I get an offer that I can’t refuse I am in no position to turn it down.

    The domain itself is an absolute gem. There are literally tens of thousands of “webmaster forums” on the internet. Each one of them would kill for this domain name. Its impossible to find a better domain for a webmaster forum. I have had this domain appraised for low $xx,xxx by itself. The domain is a solid PR5. The domain is currently at namecheap so I can push it to the new owners namecheap account straight after the sale has ended.

    I bought the domain a while ago for a large amount of money. I then paid a coder to code a custom content management system for the website. The site currently offers tutorials, inspiration, website reviews and link exchanges. All of those sections are controlled from an admin panel. The admin panel has a lot of features, to many to list here… but to anyone who shows a SERIOUS interest I can setup a temp admin account so they can have a look around the admin area.

    The site only went live a few days ago, I have had no chance to advertise the site yet because of other personal commitments. The site is getting around 100 uniques a day at the moment; they are all coming from typins. Because of this, the site isn’t making any notable revenue. The site did make just over $5 on Friday though(just after I added a google ad to the homepage). This just shows the true potential that this site has. If someone has the time to manage this website it will be a great money maker for sure.

    The forums themselves are currently running vbulletin. Sorry but the vbulletin licence is NOT included in this sale as I would like to have onto it for my next project.

    Here is a screen shot of the admin area. –

    If anyone has any questions please drop me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will be in the office a lot over the next few days so you should get a fast response.

    I am looking for offers around $10,000.
    BIN - $20,000.

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    Current high bid: $4k.

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    Definately a Gem of a domain. Good luck with the sale

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    Thanks for your comments David.

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    Very good domain name and wish you all the best in sale.
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    Current high offer - $5000.

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    Very nice site the domain is so sweet id love to own it, best of luck with your sale.

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    Thanks everyone for your interest. All PMs and Emails have been answered. The Current bid is up to $6100. The BIN has been lowered to $15,000.

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