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    which webmail program should I select?

    Hi Guys,

    Since a LOT of you guys are hosts, I have a question. My current host has 3 different webmail packages I can use to check email:

    Horde, Squirrelmail, and NeoMail.

    Do any of you have any recommendations as to which package is the best one? I don't anticipate having more than 3-4 total email addresses, and all of them will be pointers to the main email that I check with webmail.


    Rob W.

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    I always had a personal liking for Squirrelmail
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    Openwebmail is based on Neomail but contains a few years more development and features. Openwebmail is still an active project (as opposed to Neomail)...

    I don't have much familiarity with Horde or Squirrelmail, but I'd strongly advise against Neomail.

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    I used neomail for a while and will say it works for very very basic functions. Then I found squirrelmail and saw how much better it is. Now, i would highly recommend squirrel but will say I have only used Horde once and just wasnt my type of mail program. Although, only used it once so cant really say if it was good or bad.

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    Rob: You can probably use all three, so try them all and pick which one you like. As a system operator I like Squirrelmail because it's easy to modify and customize. But as an end user you won't be able to to that, so Horde might be better as it has a few more features out of the box. It's really a matter of personal preference though.

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    I prefer squirrel mail as it is very simple with all needed facilities . Ofcourse horde too, but only second in my list.
    On exceeding mail quota squirrel mail shows some error that neomail don't.

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