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    Talking Noob for hire :p

    Well I have just started getting into the hosting biz. I would really like to gain some experience by working for a hosting company before I try to start my own hosting site. I wouldn't mind working for free but pay would be cool :p. I am currently 15 years old and I think hosting would be a cool hobby. I know how to do designs make websites ( [may be down cuz my hosts suck -_-]). I would really like to be in the sales department and maybe someone could teach me the ropes with tech support. I may sound like a burden but I will try my hardest to learn as fast as I can.

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    email: [email protected]

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    First understand that most everyone in this business isn't in it as a hobby: this is their lifeblood, their business. The fact that you think it will be a hobby may scare potential employers away, because they think you won't be dedicated or take it too seriously.

    Your offer does seem good though, free work for experience. I'm sure eventually you'll get a bite or two. Good luck and welcome to the industry!

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    Ya it may become a job for me if I make a profit from it in the future. As I am only 15 I don't have my job planned out yet.

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    sales job


    I own, are you still interested for a sales job?

    Initial thought on the subject (we can discuss the details if you are interested):

    1. You'll be getting the hosting space from me with discount, sell for regular price, earn any profits for the next 'x' months/years they host with us. This should brush you up on the sales side since that's what you want to achieve anyway, right?
    2. Every contact you land for web design work is yours, the profits made from it is entirely yours. If you want my help on any piece of php code, etc etc, we'll agree on a price/hours. If you want me o do a whole website design and pay me a fixed amount while you are collecting the difference (whatever that might be), still fine by me.
    3. As my time permits, I'll try to answer any questions you might have about running things (I believe information should be shared). I you want to learn all the ropes, there will be plenty of reading (Linux, programming, this and that).

    Still reading this? Are you interested? Mail me

    Need reliable hosting?

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    If you are interested in the sales we can offer you comisions on sales, so you just sell them and the rest is with us.

    Contact me is you need more information.

    Portugal Networks
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    I would highly suggest not starting your own web hosting company if you are currently at school. You should focus more on your studies and then start a web hosting company after you graduate from college or during college (your choice). Hosting is not quick cash and it takes a lot of planning out. Not to mention that it is very hard to make money at first start because of the high saturation in the market.


    I would hire you for sales but we have an age restricition.

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    The younger people start working the better, in my opinion. Younger people are able to multitask you know...I put my studies first, and everything else second. I have high grades and doing great with my webdevelopment/hosting business. I have a queue of almost a dozen people for both design and hosting work.

    Starting young also gives you excellent experience at a young age, when you grow up and start college, atleast youll know some of the things the professor is talking about. It will also give you knowledge to continue your company with more experience in the field after your graduate from college/university...

    (never returning to this thread because I know it will turn into a fight/argument, which I dont wish to be part of :p)

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