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    Is this worth it? File test download program.

    Hello everyone,

    I am in the middle of developing a program to make testfiles for hosting companies. I am doing this because I have a number of clients / client prospects that have asked to see a specific file size. I wanted to make a program that would help seal the deal for hosting providers providing one more added incentive for the customer to see that they are the perfect solution for you. If a customer asked to download a 74 meg test file from your servers you would simply open the program and type 74 mb, it would then make a 74 meg file which you can place on your server and get started with.

    Should I continue to develop this program and how much is it worth to you? I want to keep it cheap, around 5 - 10 dollars. Your suggestions and comments are needed.

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    Hm...To be honest I think I can live without it.

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    Useless to me. Lets keep it simple. What happens if 500 people try to run a test with a 50MB file? why on earth should I waste that bandwidth? Also, it could become a security hazard. Nevertheless, what if you have 1000 people test a 100MB file?

    I don't know... to me it's useless, maybe some others out there will find it useful for their business.

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    Not much use to me either, we have a 10mb and 100mb file that we provide the URL to upon request, I don't see having a file of any other size available would convert any more sales.

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    I think some people may really be interested but personally me I have a 30mb file online that people can use if they request a test download file, I do not keep it posted on the site because of course something that that can always be abused.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I will go ahead and discountiue the project.
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