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    Exclamation 2 templates for sale, one adult, one gaming

    Hi All!

    I have 2 templates up for sale. All I can say is that a lot of work has gone in to them and am now looking for a good home for them. They will only be sold once. The adult site design comes completely sliced in html. The gaming forum design is just a psd. If you'd like to buy both you'll obviously get a discount.

    Only click if you don't mind seeing adult orientated designs, neatly organised psd file, comes fully coded:

    Possible gaming forum design. Header image is custom created all neatly organised in psd file.

    If interested let me know. As I'm looking to gain some funds into my paypal account, I'm sure we can work something out. I'm also available to take on design projects, so if you have something for me drop me a line if you like my design style

    Comments as always welcome!

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    How much do you want for the adult site...I kinda like that.

    Contact me via the info in my Profile.

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