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    Long Resolving Time

    One of my reseller customers contacted me this morning about the time it takes for new domains when he registers them to begin working with my server. The last domain he registered with NameCheap and pointed to my nameservers took 63 hours before it started working. However, on another reseller account he has, domains work almost instantly after he buys them. Is there some option in WHM which affects how long it takes for a domain to start working or does it just take as long as it takes? Thanks
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    depends on the ISP, if his ISP have lon dns cache it wont resolve instantly
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    Yes also might depend on the ext of the domain name. If the DNS is pointing correctly sometimes you need to restart bind in your WHM account for it to kick in. Always check to make sure the DNS is correct, The domain is correct you added in your WHM account, etc..

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