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    2checkout V2 rebill attempts??


    Does anybody know how many times
    2CO attempts to rebill failed monthly
    rebills - in V2? (With V1 it was around
    16 times until they would suspend
    the billing.)

    I received an email from 2CO about
    a failed monthly rebill attmept. The
    email makes it sound like they DON'T
    attempt to rebill the customer unless
    the customer updates their billing which
    is a big concern. In many cases rebill
    attempts go through and there is never
    a need to update billing info.

    Thanks for the info. in advance.

    We recently tried to rebill your recurring order xxxxxxxxxxx.

    The customer has recieved notification of this failure and has been notified
    to update thier payment details. **If** the customer updates their billing information
    we will attempt to rebill the sale.

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    What are your thoughts on the following?...

    Just got off the phone, and confirmed that
    2CO *only* attempts to rebill failed (recurring)
    billings IF and WHEN the customer updates
    their payment details via the link that 2CO

    This includes failed rebills when the customer
    has temporary insufficient funds (in which case
    there really is nothing to "update", and yet
    the customer still has to update). Insufficient
    funds are the most common reason for failed
    rebills, and more often than not people are
    rebilled successfully later on (same card, same
    exact info, nothing to update). Yet now 2CO
    is forcing these "insufficient funds" people to
    update anyhow - even though they will in
    most cases have nothing to update!

    So, UNLESS there is *action* taken by
    your monthly customer, they won't be
    billed again. They are a LOST CUSTOMER.
    This new V2 system is much like forcing them
    to re order in order to continue being billed,
    which only a small percentage will do (trust me
    on this one).

    AND, due to email unreliability these days, spam
    filters, etc etc, many of your customers won't even
    *receive* the email notice from 2CO stating that
    they need to Update. So that's an automatic
    LOST CUSTOMER upon the very first failed rebill.
    Failed rebills are *common* and I've had many,
    many, MANY customers who have had one or
    two failed rebills here and there, but that are
    still with me thanks to multiple rebill attempts.

    This could cost many 2CO users many monthly
    customers who would otherwise be maintained
    in V1 which rebills people up to 15 times. This
    was one of the BEST features of 2CO in my
    opinion, now *gone* in V2.

    So again what are your thoughts on this
    and who here would like a update by 2CO
    to where their system attempts to rebill
    failed billings at LEAST 3 times spaced
    over a 3-5 day period?

    The fact is I've never even heard of a
    recurring service that does NOT attempt
    to rebill people at least several times.

    I have really loved 2CO's service over the
    years and hope they will change this V2
    system NOW before it's too late and many
    customers are lost.


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    This has been very bad part of service from 2co. We should request them to get this sorted out as there can be any problem with the card of the customer on particular day and we cannot ask the customer to update his details for no reason.

    some custmers have limit of something like $1000 per day and if he has already spent 800 for shopping then our order of $300 is definately going to fail. This thing has to be considered by them.

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