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    i just don't get this domain name stuff

    i have a domain name in godaddy and a free hosting account in
    i want to map the domain to my account, so that when i write in the address bar, my f2o website is showed, but with the domain name in the url bar

    i thought it was just a mater of creating a c name record from mydomain to but it doesn't seem to work, cause it shows their email page

    i have tried with another free account from another hosting solution but it didn't even show anything

    so, i guess the hosting have to do something too? what is it? i thought this was something like a telephone guide, where you look up the ip in the dns and you just "call home". i don't see how does the hosting have anything to do with this

    so, anyone can explain this to me. i guess is quite basic and simple, but i don't seem to get an answer from google and my head is starting to ache a bit


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    You have 2 possibilities:

    1. In your GoDaddy control panel there's the option "Set nameservers".
    Fill in the nameservers of when it's possible to host a domain name with them.

    2. If you can't host a domain name with, you can use the "forwarding option" with masking in your GoDaddy control panel.
    Just fill in the complete path, incl. http:// to your website and enable masking.


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    thanks for your answers yangxi

    1. i'm using godaddy's dn servers. and as i said, i created a c name record pointing to the f2o page with their total dns control interface. but it doesn't work. f2o doesn't offer domain names registration neither domain name servers but i don't see why would it make a difference

    2. i know that i can use the forwarding option, but frames are forbided by god

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    do URL redirect then of url frame is not working

    becuase CNAME sometimes doesn't work if the webserver doesn't have a pointed to that name too
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    One thing you'll want to do with the masking is fill in meta descriptions and keywords.

    One of the drawbacks of masking is that every page will have the same mask on it it. The mask is essentially a frame on top of everything so that people see in the title bar but it never changes no matter what people click on your web page.

    That also means that if you're trying to make your site relevant on Google or Yahoo that you'll never really get off the ground for your URL until the domain is truly hosted at an actual hosting company.
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