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    These two sites are for sale as I have not put the time in to development them, usual story, too many projects not enough time.

    UK mortgage news site, I have created the main template and design so it just a case of updating the system and adding news..

    It runs with so its very easy to update.

    Not much in the way of traffic, only about 119 unqiues for April.

    PHPCOw cost $200 in itself. Its an excellent system for creating such a site.

    Domain registered at

    Same sort of site as mortgagehell but in relation to debt in the uk.

    Again not much traffic, 123 uniques in April.

    It runs on which cost $599 and is again a top system for news sites. IT IS NEWSPHPPRO, Not lite

    I am looking for $300 for the lot, given that the scripts cost $800 in themselves.

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    how much for newsphp license its self Wisener?

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