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    Question ???

    I am curious from a parking stand point. lol. I do not park names so I am not used to this aspect of the business.

    I parked at SEDO on 4-2-05 and here are the stats.

    Domain Name Keyword Views Clicks Click rate $/Click Revenue Poker 57 4 7.02% $1.60 $6.41

    I am going to sell the name, judged by these stats what is a fair asking price?


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    Basically you've made $6.41 in about a month off doing no thing, which isn't bad I'd ask for aleast 78$ (6.50 * 12), probablly more since it truly requires no work and could be built into a much more profitable site. The only expense would be renewing the domain name and anyone experienced with this sort of thing could optimize it and make it work well.

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    I would not sell it for less than a years revenue, no matter what you do. Gambling traffic is really worth alot, so it has more value than your average name. I would suggest going to and posting in the traffic domains section.

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