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    Banner Ad Exchanges

    Seeking banner ad exchanges to help mutually cross-promote sites. I am looking to promote my website, Feline Paradise ( and would like to cross-promote with other pet sites. Will also consider other related sites like gardening or the sorts.

    I will put up your banner on my site (468x60 or 120x60) and you would put up your banner on my site, for whatever period you'd like. And hopefully this will be a beneficial trade for both sites.

    Please PM or post interested.


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    how many uiques do you get a month? any statistics would help. Thanks

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    The site was started on March 7th.

    Uniques for March 2005 was 966 unique visitors.
    Uniques for April 2005 thus far is 906 unique visitors.

    Site is actively being promoted so traffic is expected to grow.


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