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    * [turnkey] Lyrics site $149

    Turnkey lyrics script.
    Single domain zend encoded licence 149$

    Online demos
    Current version can be found at the Lyrics demo
    Admin area demo Lyrics admin demo
    Sample artist page Jennifer Lopez lyrics
    Sample albums list page Jennifer Lopez Albums
    Sample album page Jennifer Lopez On The 6 - 1999

    Database details
    128521 lyrics, 8561 albums, 2076 artists.
    6429 albums covers
    7435 albums integrated with amazon

    Key features
    - fully template based system - very easy to customize/reskin
    - templates SEO friendly : mod_rewrite, dynamic title/meta for the each page
    - amazon integration - at the album page/all albums page album covers linked to the amazon and ther are buy it now link
    - first letter selection/first 2 letters selection
    - artist page - show BIO, artist image, albums list, songs list
    - album page - show songs list, other albums list
    - all songs page
    - all albums page
    - views counter
    - top 10 artists/songs
    - cache system for improving speed (cached top10, artists list - refresh cache from admin area)
    Admin area
    --- add/edit/show by first letter/delete artists
    --- show albums/songs count, quick links to the add/edit
    --- add/edit/delete albums
    --- add/edit/delete songs
    --- refresh cache
    --- change options page

    Licence details
    Script are encoded with zend encoder and come with single domain licence.
    Database can't be reused/modified in any way except via control panel and site itself.
    If you are interested in full sources version or few domains licence or resale rights pm me.
    I don't have rights to the lyrics listed at the database. All lyrics are property of there respective owner and should
    be removed on first note. If you are owner of some lyrics listed at the my site and want me to remove them pm me.
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    So if we purchased the lyrics would have to be added? (Newer ones at least.) So if the site was going to be updated, we'd have to do that ourselves?

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    buyer will got current lyrics database.
    database details you may check below.
    new lyrics will be available for the aditional fee soon.
    new modules (as users area) are currently under construction and will be available soon for some additional fee.

    but as I said I am not owner of that lyrics and if legal owner will contact you - you will need to remove his lyrics. I will do the same.
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    Sorry I have putted invalid url for the admin area demo
    Admin area demo
    Login: admin
    Pass: 1
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