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    Question HostEasier reviews?


    Has anybody ever tried HostEasier (

    I've been surfing around for a while to find a new VPS Hosting Provider (I'm using at the moment). Their website seems full of broken links and empty pages, but that of cause does not mean that their service is bad

    Btw: They have only existed since June 2004 - So I hope they are not gonna go bankrupt on me

    So please come out and give me you 5-cents about this provider


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    Sorry this is so late. has been nothing short of excellent for me. Their support is awesome and all support tickets have been resolved in under 1 hour everytime. I would definately recommend them to everyone.

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    I already signup last 3 days ago with VPS-1.

    The VPS server can handle my dynamic content very great.
    I get more visitors +100%. So speed is very great!
    I have bad experience with many hosting that can't handle my perl cgi load.

    By the way, I check the DNS IP of,
    They are IP from
    I check it out. HostForWeb have the same VPS plan,
    same features and same web layout!!!

    Both hosting allow adult content too...Great! unrestrict....

    I will see the uptime and tell you here again.

    Hope this help for another visitors.
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    I'd watch out. I may have only just became a customer of HostEasier but I'm already getting bad signs. Since tranferring my websites to one of their VPSs, DNS failures are rife. Also, I'm not sure the support assistants are English - they don't seem to speak it very well.

    "Could you please provide root password , not for ----------.--- but for server ? I have found DNS errors. Please , clarify password and I'll fix one."

    This was the third time I'd provided the password, and they hadn't even tried it, just assumed it was for the domain in my username.

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    You have a knowleage of setting Cpanel , right ?

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    Last 7 hrs. ago, my VPS down. for 6 hrs. These is the second long down time.

    He said my account has suspended because I didn't pay the money again.

    I moved out from HostForWeb last month. And I think HostEasier is the reseller or something with HostForWeb. My data are duplicate or cross reference.

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    You can see my load average at

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    I have been a customer of hosteasier for a few months now and am not impressed. I would not suggest it to those looking for a host.

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    I just bought a vps from them
    The chat i had with support online was very good.

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    Update: Problem still not fixed. People from USA mainly receiving the DNS errors. Several clients in the UK have had zero problems with accessing the server.

    Also, I just recieved an invoice (11 days after my first invoice) requesting my 2nd month's payment!?

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    Nevermind didn't realise they used prorated payments.

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    I know I`m too late, but STAY AWAY!!

    They seem great at first and yes, their support does reply, but wait until their providers arent there on a weekend to re boot or otherwise sort your server, then you`ll see why to stay away.

    48 hours of downtime they gave me and they couldn`t do anything because their providers or datacenter werent there to sort it.

    PowerVPS host me now and they are very good.

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    Both, and are down today! All day long. And not just my server, their server too!!!! You can't access to their websites. Somebody knows whats going on???

    Before this, I was happy with the service. Really happy, but now...


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    Well I am sorry for you and anybody else with them. My advice, MOVE and MOVE now. If I hadnt moved from them, I`d have had 48 hours downtime and probably no customers. I moved away to powerVPS, changed DNS and was up by the next day. I kept an eye on my old HostEasier account and it was dead!

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    Final update: Problem solved. It was not their fault, just complication in initial configuration. I am 100% happy with these guys.

    Any moderators, please delete my first posts in this thread.

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    At hostforweb, Installation is not complete always. I ever told him to reinstall the OS 2 - 3 times. I don't know why they don't have a template or image files.

    Hosteasier is co-company or reseller.

    I am now trying JaGuarPC now.. but I found RapidVPS is very good deal too.

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    Not happy with Hosteasier

    1. they don't know their clients (least not, what a client purchased),
    2. their system is very buggy,
    3. customer support does not read tickets back,
    4. they will ask the same question, over and over, just by different people! (interesting concept),
    5. time to resolve an issue can take days, in some cases weeks, if at all,
    6. they will pass you cheap excuses, or, just blame you, instead.

    And mind you, I am on a VPS.
    It's pathetic!
    But I guess, this is how it is, these days. Just pay the money, and shut up.
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