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    Apr 2004

    Doing lots of stuff - look here!

    I'm offering the following services:

    x Installing any php scripts on your website. ($10)

    x Installing any cgi scripts on your website. ($10)

    x Coding & slicing your layout to xhtml / html. ($15)

    x Translation services from/to english and dutch. ($ - depends on how much text needs translating)

    x Skinning of scripts. (depends how much work it involves - price starts at $5)

    x Editting flash files ($8)

    You can add me to msn at [email protected]

    Email: [email protected]

    Yahoo: invisionstyling

    ICQ: 233193289

    All payments by paypal.

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    Apr 2004
    I also don't mind doing some live support / chat work.

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