Hello ;

I want to share with you some reviews with my dedicated servers providers.

Theplanet, We have been using ( 2 servers ) them for 8 months, their network is solid as well as our server.
No downtime, you had only a problem when upgrading RAM, Support is also good only opened tickets for
additional ips,minor issues etc.) My point for Theplanet 9/10

ZipServers, We have been using them ( Celeron and Dual Xeon ) for 4 months, I think.Their network is solis as well
as our servers. ( At thePlanet datacenter ) They are really understandable and helpful.Also they are some good offers cheaper than SM. My point for Zipservers 9/10.

Layeredtech We have been using them ( 4 servers ) for 3 months.Their network is solid, too. I havent used their support system yet and i dont know how they are.
Only problem with LT, when one of our customers hosted a hack site, they gave us only 1 hour to terminate it, then we didnt see the ticket, so they suspended server
but they are one of the best! My point for Layeredtech 9/10

Calpop, We have been using them ( Single Server ) for 3 months.Sometimes network comes unaccessable, their support is good, the additional upgrades ( Ram, HDD ) have only one time fee, I think it is bad for us.
My point for Calpop 8/10

Hudson Digital, we have been using them ( Dual Xeon ) for 1 month. Despite short term, they are also very good.Ping is better to Turkey than the others.Oliver is very helpful and friendly. Upgrades are done within 24 hours or less, also they are cheap.
My point for HD 9/10

We are also currently using QuickPacket,Hostcentric, but they are new.