What's new and special about version 3.0?

A smart Projects Wizard which keeps track of the site you're working on and knows where to place your web page support files such as graphics.
A complete PHP Command Library with 3074 php commands now available as single-click instant tags as you code.
A "User Code Favorites" feature which allows the user to create their own library of their most common used HTML, PHP, JavaScript and other scripting language tags. All of which become single-click instant tags to use while coding your page(s).
A new Import feature that's integrated with the Projects Wizard for easily Importing graphics from the over 200 banners and logo images which are included with the program.
Single-click access to several MS Windows external programs which are of use to web page coders (MS Paint, Calculator, Explorer, NotePad)
A "recent files" menu for reloading a page from the most recently edited files in your Editor.
Error trapping to prevent loss of coding data due to unexpected or unintentional program shutdowns.

That's what's new. Here's a list of the previous features which are all still available:

Supports HTML 4.0, PHP, Java and other common web scripting languages
Single click instant HTML tags (no need to type them all out)
Instant FORMS creation
Instant META tags
One-click FRAMES creation
FTP upload Manager for instant publishing of your pages to the web
In-depth Help file so even those with little or no knowledge of HTML can create a web page in minutes
Hexadecimal HTML color picker
Test Browser (WYSIWYG) for previewing your code as you create it.

Also, comes packaged with over 200 pieces of logo and banner (many animated) graphics which may be passed on to your customers as an extra value. They will be free to manipulate and use the clipart in whatever way you wish.

This software works on all Win95 and above systems. Requires I.E. 5 or above be installed.

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