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    in need of EVERYTHING

    Hello, my name is Jason Levine. Some of you may have seen me on the other forums posting about starting a GSP. Since this forum was very useful in planning that out, I will give this a shot.

    I have decided to start a web hosting company as well. I am in serious need of alot of employees. Listed below are the positions that need to be filled:

    PHP Coder(1)
    -code the website
    -skin the billing system to fit the website

    Web Designer(1)
    --Must Know:
    -adobe photoshop
    -3D rendering programs(flexible)

    Server Tech/Support(1+)
    -knowledge of linux & windows
    -CPanel w/ WHM & Fantastico
    -DNS Servers
    -Shared Hosting
    -Reseller Hosting
    -Dedicated Servers

    The Server Tech/Support basically needs to know anything and everything dealing with hosting. Also I would prefer someone that is able to work normal buisness hours.

    Please email all resume's to dark86[at] or pm me

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    I am very interested in the Server Tech position. I have pretty good experience. Please contact me and we can discuss details.

  3. I have sent you an email with all info required.

    Dieter K.
    Graphire Designs

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    Hi, I am qualified and interested in the web design position email me more details at total.assault[at] . I also have a friend that is a great php coder email him if you like at joelscaria[at] .

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    i love how no one reads the first post. Well, Dieter did. He said to email HIM, he's not going to go out and contact you...ignorant people..

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