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    Need scripters for a non-profit Uptimes website. Giving hosting/domains/SSL/Reseller!

    Posted on the Uptimes Forum:

    It's been awhile since we've rolled out with any decent updates to our uptime site. The staff at HostingWired is looking to change that! We started hosting the Uptimes Project for Ryan or "Wonko" because he no longer had the time or resources to do so. Of course HostingWired took up the project for the community and sponsored it on our servers.

    Since then there hasn't been any real quality updates to the site, and now HostingWired is looking to change that!

    This is a call to all of the talented developers out there that would like to help out an Uptimes community and take over development and day the day tasks. HostingWired is creating a team of developers and would like you to be a part of it!

    Lets not forget; HostingWired is not a company that would not recognize anyone’s efforts to better this community. Anyone deciding to help the community by taking on a developer role will get a sponsored webhosting package from HostingWired!

    The specifics can be brought up when you prove to us and the community that you are serious about doing a good job. Keep in mind however that we at HostingWired can be very generous towards people that help a non-profit community such as this.

    Ryan/Wonko nor HostingWired has ever asked or taken money or donations to keep The Uptimes Project up and running. We have that locked down, and would like to keep it free from everyone!

    This offer is for anyone and everyone, even current hosting customers! If anyone you know needs webhosting, give them a link to this thread.

    Jobs would include:
    [*] Talented Developers/Programmers to help add new features to the uptimes project and to take feature requests and try and implement them in. Would require people with extensive PHP skills and be a talented free thinker that can brainstorm up features with a team and help implement them.
    [*] Talented script writers and programmers that can help create and/or update client programs for the general community for a wide variety of Operating Systems. Would also require a talented free thinker that would be able to think of new ideas for the Uptimes Project and converse with the developers.
    [*] Persons to keep the website updated and checking for and marking bogus hosts by researching dates and cross referencing Operating System's release dates. Would also take e-mails from users that need to have a bogus removed.
    [*] All people involved in the Uptimes Project must have good team working skills! This is a must!

    Please keep in mind that developers are in wide need for this project. You do no have to be great in every department, but having a great PHP coder to implement new features and create a backend for this project would be a must, and would entitle themselves generous resources from HostingWired.

    Also keep in mind that resources HostingWired will give to persons involved in the Uptimes Project will depend on what position they have taken. If your a PHP coder that has been adding new features to the Uptimes Project regularly, plan on getting a lot more webhosting and maybe some free domains, SSL Certs, Free Reseller Access, etc; then a person that only goes around checking for bogus hosts.

    All webhosting given to a person will be free for the LIFETIME of the HostingWired. So don't worry just because you go out on vacation for awhile and can't work on the Uptimes Project, or god forbid it falls through, you'll still have hosting from HostingWired.

    We're taking applications at Please include the following:

    Contact Information including your name, address, and phone number.
    A brief description of what talents you can provide to the Uptimes Project Community.
    What projects you've done or are currently involved in.
    Any references you may have.
    And a small paragraph about why you'd like to be a part of the community, and why HostingWired should choose your application over the others.

    We look forward to working with some great people, and have a great learning experience. Something like this would also be a great thing to put on a Resume, so contact us today!

    The Uptimes Project can be found here:

    Thank you!

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    If this is in the wrong place, please just delete the post. This is for a non-profit program, and do not want our account suspended on WHT.

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