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    Game Server Help!!!

    Okay, I wanted to run all C&C (Command & Conquer) games on my server.

    And if that's possible, what kind of things would we need to get it started? What would be need to buy? Ect.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    The problem with hosting multiple C&C servers on a server is that most all C&C games don't have an option for dedicated servers, with the exception of Renegade which nobody plays anymore. Zero Hour is pretty much the only C&C game that is currently played online. Since it doesn't support dedicated servers, you will need to either play or observe each match that is played. This is very inefficient and requires alot of management. You would need to buy each version of the game you would like to host, except maybe Renegade. It doesn't seem like you are very familiar with the newer C&C games that support multiplayer online play. Is there a specific reason you want to host C&C games?

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    The reason I want to host these games is because I'm tired of WOL's cruddy service, and I've heard bad things about XWIS. The main game I want to host is RA2. That might seem a bit weird, because not many people play it, but the site that my friend and I run is based on RA2.

    Does RA2 support dedicated servers?

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    Most likely not, i think the only game that does is Renegade, sorry
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    Then how do XWIS do it?

    All I really need is the software. I'm going to make a connector tool like XWIS has done, but put our server's IP address...

    Or will this not work?

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    Yes, we were actually trying to figure out if there is anyway to get the software so we can run WOL (Westwood Online) server for CnC games: RedAlert 2, Yuri's Revenge, and Tiberian Sun. We are basically trying to run a WOL server like XWIS does on our server so we can host the game on our server instead of either connection to XWIS or WOL.

    If anyone can help, or if anyone can program something like for for us, please respond to this post. =)

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