I have been optimizing my reseller account that I have through a certain company. After this last Google update my PR has finally updated.

Here's the problem, my homepage had a PR of 3, my sub-pages had at least a 4 and some actually had a 5. This makes absolutely no sense as every link partner is linking to my homepage.

Now, I'm working through some billing failures and find that my suspended.page/index.html has PR of 6.

The way that it is working is that the suspended.page folder is a folder within my public_html folder.

Now i'm wondering if anyone has heard of this problem where the PR is passed to the index.html page within the suspended.page folder as opposed to the sites actual homepage.

If so, how did you fix this and if I were to move the suspended.page folder somewhere else where would I update this in WHM to direct suspended pages to this folder?