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    Review this please.


    Could you please review this online site / forum
    and tell me whats good and whats bad about it,

    and also any sudden changes that i should make
    to improve the site overall and traffic / ranking

    Only 1 exception, please dont post on your reviews
    saying that the forums default skin doesn't look good,
    lol, because i'm not going to change it, why ?
    because i have already tried other skins and dont like em
    so i think the default is the best, but i would like it
    if theres a designer other their in the traffic
    who can make custom skin for me FOR
    Then i would surely and appreciate it.

    Well thats all, and yes i know the main page aren't ready yet
    as i'm thinking what i should over there, any help on that would
    also be grateful, and my current thoughts for that are to putting
    up an article system and also a Dirctory script, with other little
    scripts such as whois, Link Popularity, etc.

    Thank you

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    your logo seems like its been made on microsoft word or something like that.
    Webmaster Tools at

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    lol.....well no actually a member of the forum made it,
    but yeah i am also thinking of changing it too

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