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    Angry Locked out of DirectAdmin server!

    I just installed DirectAdmin a server on ThePlanet, I rebooted and now I'm locked out!

    This is exactly what I did before/during the DirectAdmin install....

    I set my default ssh port to 555 (instead of 22)

    DA asked if the ip was on eth0
    - I put down "eth1", since that's what "ifconfig" said

    I also did the extra steps to use SSL to access DirectAdmin.

    I have a nonroot user on there that I use to login to SSH, but now it won't even let me log in. And, I can't login to root from ssh because I have it setup that way on sshd_config.

    Anyone here ever experiece this problem? I'm using RH EN 3.0

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I figured out the problem.

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