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    Looking for co-worker and staff


    I recently had, well, a fight, with my previous partner and therefore i'm looking for a new one. Though, this was for other reasons than the following project.

    I'm looking for a quite experienced PHP programmer to co-operate in working out a PHP project. I'm looking for someone who isn't planning to just screw me over when he sees the option to it and neither am I looking for a guy who's just new in PHP.

    The main idea is a Clan Content Management System (Clancommandcenter).
    This CMS was already coded once and released for a few days but then we had to take it back due to the fact it was rushed out and the coding wasn't well thought of.
    Although, it did have alot of succes even from day one since alot of clans were looking forward to it and it had everything a clan needed.

    I've got the main idea worked out and am looking to look in to this further with a partner. The previous features were the following:

    +Easy installer
    +Language packs (This feature wasn't not fully supported since we didn't have enough translators.)
    + Custom skin option
    - Skin installer
    - Skin chooser
    + Custom pages
    - Add your own pages
    - Set restrictions (e.g: members only)
    + Several member statutes
    - Clan Leader
    - Co-Clan Leader
    - War arranger
    - Member
    - Recruit
    - Site member
    - Visitor/Guest
    + Member profiles
    - Avatar
    - Signature
    - Computer specs.
    - ...
    + Personal Messaging
    - Send/Recieve personal messages from members.
    + News management
    - Comments
    - News rating
    + Forum
    - Display latest 3 topics on main page
    - Merge topics/posts
    - Close topics
    - Pin topics
    + War management
    - Upcoming wars + signup
    - War reports
    - Report
    - Demo
    - Screenshots
    - Opponent information
    - War statistics
    - Total wars played
    - Total wars won
    - Total wars lost
    - War win percentage
    - Display 3 latest wars on main page
    - Display 3 upcoming wars wars on main page
    + Site statistics
    - Users online
    - Members online
    - Total online
    + Downloads
    + Links
    + Taggwall (shoutbox, guestbook)
    + Sponsors
    + Poll
    + Form mailer
    - Create your custom forms
    +Ban IPs from your site

    I'm looking to add alot more to this, but we'll talk about that.

    I will pay for the hosting, the domain a when we release the advertising. So you don't need to worry about that part.

    Ok, the next i'm looking for is translators and template designers, although these will only be needed at the very end, it's always good to have some input and ideas from them in advance.
    For the template designers I don't really have any special requirements.
    For the translators, You need to be EXCELLENT in translating from english to your language. Vice versa is not required. But, please, DO NOT use anything like and consorts.

    Please reply in this topic with contact information if intrested.

    Kind regards,

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    I can translate from English to Japanese but the question is what will I get in exchange?

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    Okay, i wasn't too clear there, this is a free project. That is for now. Maybe in the future we can have one paid version and a free one, not sure about that part yet.

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    Hey EinLiner I send you an eMail.

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    Just woke up and read it, the only problem is, my msn crashes every time i try to login. Do you have aim?

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