I'm at the moment looking for a new VPS hosting provider and one of the providers I've been looking at is HostEasier (hosteasier.com).

They have the best products considering their prices I've seen - BUT and there is a but:

I can't seem to find any information about their company on their website except a phone number and an address. There is no "About us"-kind-of page. This seems very dodgy. For how long time has the company even existed? - the copyright says 2004-05 (but 2004 could easily only mean that it is 5 months old)

When browsing their website I've discovered that it is kind of "half-done". There are numerous of places where pages are left empty with no content or where links does not work. A couple of examples could be the not-so-useful "Control Panel Demo" button on their front page (below the left menu). The "Testimonials" page in the same place is completely empty. If I try to visit the "Members Discussion Forum" (see their support page: hosteasier.com/support.html) I'm told that the host does not exist - but what's even worse is: When going to the Support Helpdesk (support.hosteasier.com) there are no Announcements, the troubleshooter does not work, the "Downloads" page is empty, the "Knowledgebase" is not a knowledgebase but more like a simple FAQ - I hope the Ticket system works!

To give them a chance to explain this weird site I e-mailed their president (found his address on their support page). Two minutes later I got a mail back saying that the e-mail address did not exist.

But ofcause... A bad site does not mean a bad product. It could be that their product is still as good as they claim - But without any references I'm not going buy anything from them - does anybody else know these people or know if they are any good?