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    What command detects apache performance?

    I know about "top" command and can see percents of memory and cpu apache used.

    But I want to detect what file eats resources (CPU, Memory, and bandwidth). Whats the command?

    I have Linux 9, root access.

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    no such thing as linux 9....

    maybe redhat 9?

    I don't think there is such a command ( I may be mistaken ). If your running cpanel/whm you can see which file is using the most resources via Server Status - CPU/Memory Usage
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    Yep, RedHat 9...

    I found this page:

    I just see by "top" command that apache eats many resources. I have several websites and NO Cpanel (Plain Linux RH) and can`t detect what file, from what website is eating such resources.

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    if you have mod_status installed on the server you can use the apache ExtendedStatus function.

    Open your httpd.conf and add these lines to it:

    ExtendedStatus On
    <Location /serverstatus>
    SetHandler server-status

    You can then view apache stats by going to

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    You could try using 'lsof' to see what files are in use by various processes (including apache) though the best route would be to have a comprehensive monitoring and reporting toolkit so you can keep better tabs on your resource consumption.

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    What command detects apache performance?
    Use top -c to trace commands.. Press SHIFT M and Shift P to get Memory usage and CPU usages respectively..

    APACHETOP ( is a handy tool to figure out the resource utilization by Apache..

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    HI EMIN,

    The following is an example of the output of
    ulimit -aH.
    You can see that the current shell (and its children) is restricted to 1024 open file descriptors.

    core file size (blocks) unlimited
    data seg size (kbytes) unlimited
    file size (blocks) unlimited
    max locked memory (kbytes) unlimited
    max memory size (kbytes) unlimited
    open files 1024
    pipe size (512 bytes) 8
    stack size (kbytes) unlimited
    cpu time (seconds) unlimited
    max user processes 4094
    virtual memory (kbytes) unlimited
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    Try installing this software.. its a good one. I have been using this for a long time..

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