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    I ran the site for a year and a half and just donít have time for it anymore.

    How much do you think its worth?

    Its very well known has a page rank of 4/10 and if you Google "WebDogPro" you get about 14,900 results for WebDogPro.

    The site grossed about $40,000 in 2004.

    How much should I try selling the site for?

    I hate to see the site go but I feel itís just going to die with no updates.
    ē Max Wilson ē

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    The site grossed about $40,000 in 2004.
    People often say ask for 8-16 months gross profit from what I've seen, I'd say see how much you can get, 40-50,000ish would seem reasonable if you can find a buyer but with high prices its tough to say.

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