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    Disk hda2 (/usr) DMA+ 100%

    Disk hda2 (/usr) DMA+ 100%
    How can I bring this down?

    I've tried removing the Apache logs through rm -rf /usr/local/apache/domlogs/*
    But its only brought it down to 98%

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    the correct way to remove logs from apache if its running is to copy /dev/null into them

    cp /dev/null logFile
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    Try taking a look in /usr/local/apache/logs and /usr/local/cpanel/logs to see if there are any large files in there.

    A useful tip for checking the largest files in dir's where there could be many is to use the command below which will sort in order of size with largest appearing last:

    ls -lhr *

    If you want to remove a log file, don't rm it, use this command:

    echo > logfilename
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