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    Cool Site template (unique) just $20

    We have been creating logo's for a while now via our site livechatlogo and are now looking to expand onto templates.

    We have a unique style thats clean and professional and therefore our designs may not be for everyone.

    We are looking to practice creating templates before launching them as a new full service on the site (hence this post). Therefore we are going to do a few designs for wht members for just $20. You pay only if you like.

    All we ask is that we can link to you in our portfolio and that you give us your feedback.

    Please contact us via
    or you can grab me on msn just take a look at my profile for the details or ask a member of staff on the website.

    Our logo portfolio is on there.

    Were limiting this trial to just 2 customers then if its a success we will begin to offer web design on the website.

    The design you get will be fully unique to your site and designed alongside any ideas you have.... we really arnt looking to build templates for people at the moment who have no idea of the sort of site they are wanting the template for and an idea of the image they are looking to include for the site.

    For the $20 you just get the psd template file with a home page and a blank page for additional pages (which you can edit as you like).

    If you want your design coded we can do this at an additional cost. Please ask us for a quote.

    We would again like to point out that this is the first time we have offered templates so this could be a big disaster, which is also why we dont want you to pay unless your happy

    Hope to hear from you soon!!


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    I was about to contact you until I saw your website was down.

    Just to let you know so you can fix it
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    Please try now. If your still having problems then send me a PM and ill get back to you will all the contact details. Id prefere not to post my contact email address in an open forum for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you soon

    Kindest Regards

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    Hmm Still down.
    I can ping the website fine, but it doesn't want to load.

    Maybe a DNS issue - are you moving servers or something?

    Please PM me your contact info, preferably any IM software you may have.

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime

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    It seems to be loading fine for me. Not sure if others are having the problems too ?


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    If you still have a slot open I'll take a chance.

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    Hmmmm I did not know he does templates. . .

    Now I do.....

    If this experiment worked out three years ago (fingers crossed)
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