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    cPanel default files

    Hi Guys,
    Please tell me if the following is possible, if so how?

    When i create an account on the server for a particular plan (Basic plan) I would like the public_html folder to contain certain files, which are custom made by myself. I know that it's possible by uploading to the cPanel skel directory, however, this is effective on all accounts and therefore will not suit my cause. Is there any way to do this so that I can specify which files are to be included with each plan.

    I have WHM and run cPanel on all accounts.

    Thanks in advance...

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    You could do it if you created reseller accounts for each of them and have them created under that reseller it might work. Other then that i do not think it is possible.
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    does anybody have any other suggestions? It's not really 'ideal' for me to upload the necessary files to the cPanel-skel directory, as I only need the files to be included once a specific plan is chosen.....

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    Just copy the files to new account manually.
    It is one line to write in shell.

    If you are not familiar with shell, you have to look for cp . That is the command for copying files.

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