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    Linux Or Windows? Help!

    Hi, I am a php programmer, and I have created an online game. I was looking for hosting and i found this site based in the uk (where I live).

    I found this site because it had won the windows hosting award for 2004, which leads onto my question.

    I looked at the starter package for both windows ( and linux(

    To me, not knowing much about hosting i believe that the linux hosting is better. It is cheaper, it has the required bandwidth and disk space for me, and it has about 20 more features than the windows one.

    Now as i am not inclined with knowledge about web hosts i continued to sign up for the linux hosting, but then i was told to stop.

    My friend said that you have to have Linux OS on your pc for a Linux web host.
    I have Windows XP Home Edition SP2.
    Is this true or not because it seems illogical? Also am I correct in thinking the linux starter hosting is the better than the windows starter hosting??

    Thanks in advance

    P.S If you are not busy could you possibly give me a little insight into hosting (Linux,Windows etc), and its feature. Thx

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    Welcome to the forums clowes!

    Linux hosting will suit you just fine since you need PHP. If you were thinking of doing ASP / .NET, you might consider Windows hosting. And no - you do not need Linux at home to choose Linux as your platform on hosting

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