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    php script that will make a hosting site

    dose any one know if i can get a php script that will make a web hosting site fully workin one ????????

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    can any one help???????????????? im still waiting ,................
    i need it quickly please

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    come on some one help me

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    Your question is very vague. However I'll attempt to help.

    I'm assuming the site in your signiture, www.************* is the site in question.

    It looks as if you're having people pay via PayPal and then email you afterwords so you can manually setup an account. So my guess is that you're trying to change this into an automated system to create accounts by itself.

    If yes, then there are a wide variety of options. Search for ClientExec, ModernBill, Drams, PHPCoin, and "billing programs" here on WHT using the forum search here:

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Posting multiple times(e.g. "bumping" a thread) will get you penalized here on WHT. If someone hasn't answered, it's usually because nobody knows a solution or they don't understand your question. In this case I believe people aren't understanding your question, so try being more descriptive in your posts.
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    do u know where i can get a free one or 1 under $5
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    If you looked at the names iGabe gave you, you would notice that PHPCoin is free. Please, don't be lazy. Use the search function and more importantly, Google.

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  7. You seem to be very confused. LOL

    In case you need the helpdesk thats free/under $5 to go with the billing system, here it is

    HTH .
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