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    Need a cheap dedi...Any suggestions?

    I want to get myself a real dedicated server with atleast 80-120 GB hardisk space and 1000-2000 GB bandwidth. No control panel required, not support required, remote reboot a plus. Does anyone know of any company that offers this or better below the $65 price range? I currently make $55 from things I do over the month ($55 is whats left over after bills and such), so I cant really go any higher.

    If you can offer me this as well Ill be very interested, over time I will purchase more server from you, at full price. I just need someone to somewhat sponsor me on getting a dedicated server for atleast 2-4 months, after that I can get clients to pay off the server.

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    This is quite a server. Wish you luck in finding it.
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    You might try server pronto
    They have a $30 server which isn't up to your specs
    40 GB Hard Drive
    200 GB Traffic
    But then after setup (currently $65) it is cheap

    Or one slightly out of your price range:
    80 GB Hard Drive
    400 GB Traffic
    Currently $70 + set

    You might also want to check out the dedicated server offers section on these boards but in all honestly I think you are asking slightly too much for you budget.

    You also need to factor in your needs for a control panel and the cost of that (Cpanel is around $30 a month).


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    check out, they are having a special now for $65.00 (One-time Setup Fee of $99.00)

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    Hmm, know any providers who can hook up my equipment into their system? I have a pretty good server that I bought a while back (the real system).

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    ANY Datacenters offer colocation services. But if your budget is around $60, then I suggest go with the dc's dedicated server.

    You might want to check or for server in your requested spec range for around $60.

    EDIT: This might also interest you:

    Just search around the offers forum, there are some great deals there!
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    is it real to find any full managed dedic server less then >100$. (with cpanel on AMD 3000 or P4 with 1 gb ram).

    space and traffic no so much (>5gb; >100gb)

    just now i'm on vps, and the only think that i do .. i upgrading from one plan to another.
    i don't know, is my vps oversolding or no .. .but my apache(httpd) is black zone a lot of time

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    for that price you can go with:

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    Originally posted by DecentRack
    for that price you can go with:
    don't ever go to

    they stole 738$ on our credit card and never delivered the goods

    we filed a chargeback and are now waiting for Visa...

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    My idea of a cheap server is 500MHz speed, 256MB ram, 20GB hard drive, and 10GB/month bandwidth for $10/month CAD unmanaged
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    Try . I just got a server from them and so far it is good for the amount am paying

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