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    Question Reseller Bandwith Needs Calculation

    I currently have a colocation account which I pay $1 per Kb/s used. I average about 125kb/s per month. Hoping some one can help me calculate how much bandwith in GB a month will that equate to if I join a reseller account.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Um. Are you quite sure you mean Kb?
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    Yeah .. If you are being charged $1 per Kb/s used -- just ouch.
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    Thank you Deefer....this answers my question. Have a good day!

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    Translating mbps (or kbps) into GB is really not entirely accurate because, in some ways, its like comparing apples to oranges.

    You're translating it by basically saying "if I pushed as much data through the pipe as I possibly could, for one straight month, how much data could I cram through it?". You NEVER want to flood a pipe at 100%. So, make sure you take that into consideration.

    Bandwidth and data transfer are 2 entirely different measurements.

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    i still dont get what he meens

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