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Thread: micfo vs site5

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    micfo vs site5


    First of all I wish to say Hello, I'm a new member.

    I have read and searched these forums and found many reviews form both host companies. Generally very good ones, and the bad ones are more or less understandable considering the price of the services, from my point of view.

    It seems that micfo gives information about number of customers/server, it seems is a bigger company, he shows their datacenter (via webcams), and it seem that if there is any problem, they try to compensate in some way (upgrade of pack, a month free, etc) and in addition there is support of some people of the company in these forums (as a extreme solution to solve the problems),

    About site5 I have seen also support on these forums, but no the other information, nevertheless people is generally as satisfied as with mifco.

    So I do not know which to chose.

    I'm going to put a site of handmade craft pieces and selling. So it's going to be based on databases, but as it's a site for an artisan I think it will not be "database intensive" exactly...

    About site5 I don't know speed of set up nor speed of downloading for visitors. Mifco is enough fast for me, here in Europe, but I don't know about site5.

    Please, could help me to chose? What are your experiences/recommendations?


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    I haven't checked but do either provide a free trial or even a test download to check speeds?

    Another option is to give one a try for a month and if it doesn't work out switch over.

    Either way good luck with whichever you choose.
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    I recommend you ask a LOT of pre-sales questions. Don't rest until you are completely out of questions. Ask! Ask! Ask! If you are even a little but unsure about something, ask. When you buy hosting, you don't want to say "I hope this works" -- you want to say "I know this will work".

    Good luck!
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    As anyone would recommend on this forum, I think you should use the search facility here on both companies...

    I don't know about site5, but I have changed a lot of hosts during the last 1-2 years, some of which are the most expensive ones, and have been using Micfo for about 6 months now.

    I have nothing but good things to say about them. Compared to companies in the same class, they are amazingly reliable and since they do not stack up people on a single machine, their servers are pretty fast... I should also say that Micfo staff is very helpful as well... In summary, I think Micfo is a very good deal for the amount they charge!

    I have performed many tests for couple of months, you can find the results of 2 of these tests in the following threads:

    Hope this helps...

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    I don't have any experience as to what kind of support does these two companies offer. I would suggest you take some more reviews about both the companies. You can search around the forums more, in case you might have missed some thing.

    As suggested by RefreshNet you can test the support quality with MANY pre-sales questions. But after all it all depends upon your budget and the location that you prefer your host to be, as you have mentioned that the Micfo in based in Europe.

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    But after all it all depends upon your budget and the location that you prefer your host to be, as you have mentioned that the Micfo in based in Europe.
    Micfo is not based in Europe. The OP was only refering to himself/herself as being located in Europe and testing Micfo from that location.

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    Micfo are realiable, i do not have any expierence with site5 but for micfo i can votch on from personal expierence.

    Micfo have fast AND professional support, they are realiable, they offer good features and price and when things go wrong they take responsiblily for it and do not cover it up. For example if you'll look in their forums now you'll see that one of the servers went dead few weeks ago and sites were down for few hours before everything was restored. So everyone on that server got free month of hosting, they do not hide facts and deal with problems when bad things happen, that post is still on their forum.

    I'm with micfo now, their uptime is great, network speed is great and what do you need more?

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    Interesting question. I happen to have accounts with both of them, and they are both good in my opinion.
    I also get fast ping times from my European home with Micfo (haven't tested Site5 ping yet).

    One thing: if a very detailed stats function is important to you, go with Micfo. They offer Urchin stats, which few hosts do.

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    I've been with Micfo for just over ten months now, and very happy with the quality of service. I'm on one of their MG-Super plans and performance has usually been great. If you are planning an online store I would recommend going with one of their reseller plans. The reason I say this is that Micfo loads up the reseller servers less than the shared web servers. I've never have had performance issues with the one I'm on, but then again I don't run a business from it. If I were, I would spend a little extra and get placed on a "less busy" server just to hedge my bets.
    If you are torn between the two, why not sign up with both of them for a month, try them both out and see first hand what each has to offer.
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