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    Jailshell prompt customization


    My host gives me Jailshell access, which seems to work quite well for me, I just don't like the prompt, which currently looks like this:

    -jailshell 2.05$

    I wish it would rather tell me something more useful, such as the host and current directory names.

    I can change it, by seting the variable PS1, but the change is not permanent (when I return, I get the good old jailshell prompt).

    This is a CPanel host, by the way.

    I've done some reading and found that the PS1 variable can be set in some bash script file, supposedly one of these:


    So I figured I should find such a file in my environment, which I would edit to get the prompt I want. But I can't find any of these files at all, so I'm a bit lost now...

    Does anyone have a clue how I can customize my prompt?

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    I found the answer on the CPanel forum:

    In /home/user create .profile and add something like PS1="[\u:\w:\t\s]$ " this will allow for changing of prompt in jailshell.

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