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    Arrow multiple SSL sites on 1 server

    Hi all

    We have a Windows 2003 Web Server with 1 IP address.
    We host multiple sites, two of which are e-commerce.
    The non-secure sites all run on port 80 using http headers to seperate them.

    Our first e-commerce site, the secure side runs on port 443, our second e-commerce site, the secure side runs on port 444. This works fine except people accessing the server from large corporate networks often have ports other than port 80 and 443 blocked - so thus cannot access the secure pages on our second e-commerce site.

    Both e-commerce site have their own certificates but we would like to run both sites on the same port and IP address. It looks like the only way we can do this is through a shared certificate.

    Is there a solution? Has anyone being in a similiar situation and if so, what did you do please?


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    No...each SSL domain cert needs its own IP#..

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