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    Find out why your server went down

    What is the best way to find out why your server(s) went down. Without trailing thrugh hours of logs

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    hardware problems ( bad ram , motherboard & hard )

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    No it is nothing like that... What log would I look at for the running processes at that time

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    Look at the last 5 minutes of logs to see what happened or run a series of hardware tests to try and find if anything is bad.
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    You should install a server monitoring program on your server which provides you detailed reports.

    Also, did you server go down and crash. Meaning it never came back up or did it reboot. If it rebooted then probably you have auto-install programs enabled for certain programs or applications...such as: Windows Update. After the install it will sometimes reboot your machine.

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    Maybe he isn't running a windows server Antonaf.

    Maybe you could suggest some server monitoring programs?

    Hotsanic is good for stats, snort+acid is good for IDS.
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    sometimes a dos will bring down a server, kernel panic (if its a kernel panic it wont usually log), etc. Sometimes you cant find the reason for a crash with out looking at the console before a reboot.
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