We at Database DBA provide outsourcing services for hosting companies.Our services can cut your operating cost by upto 50%. Your web hosting infrastructure(server, router, firewall) will remain with you. Our administrators will remotely login and do all the work. We can work 24 x 7 or on contract basis. We can also provide full time dedicated administrators for you to hire at 1/3 the cost of hiring local help.

We charge an all inclusive $149/server/month. The server management service includes the following:

24/7 trouble ticket(unlimited) handeling - 15 min response time
unlimited hours of server administration
server administration includes:

Remote server administration
System troubleshooting & debugging
Network management (LAN/WAN)
Disaster recovery
Security auditing & hardening
Software installation & configuration
File & directory services, NFS
Kernel rebuilds & module management
Backup planning & implementation
Perl-Shell-CGI-system scripting
OS updates
Performance tuning
Emergency support (24/7)

Apache WWW server, SSL, PHP, CGI
Database install & managment
Sendmail, Qmail, VpopMail, POP, IMAP
DNS-BIND (Bind8, Bind9, Balancing)
FTP, Virtual FTP servers (Proftp, WU)
Load Balancing/Clustering
Anti-Spam, Anti-Relay SPEWS-ORBS
IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
SAMBA deployment & configuration
DHCP & TCP/IP Management
IP Masquerading & NAT
LPR & Print services

Security & Firewall
Security auditing & updating
Linux router firewall design-configuration
IPtables-IPchains configure and tuning
Network security auditing & hardening
Security alert and upgrade management
Disaster & compromise recovery
Data & colocation center auditing
TCP wrapper & PortSentry

If interested please contact me at [email protected]

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