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    what payment gateway are you using ?

    hi all,

    I am currently using
    what other similar services are available on internet ?

    please share your experience about other services.

    - Ali..

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    2CO might be your better option as far as your location.

    And actually 2CO is more like a 3PP. You use their merchant account and their own proprietary gateway to accept credit cards via your website.

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    I use WorldPay on one of my sites - nice service.
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    Originally posted by mwsolutions
    I use WorldPay on one of my sites - nice service.
    What are Worldpay's fees?
    How much do they charge for wire transfer?
    And how much reserve funds do they hold back?

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    To accept payment I use PayPal and 2Checkout.
    I have also used StormPay at other sites to pay for things. Its nice and slowly ganing popularity.

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    how is WolrdPAys'd customer support ? are they quick enough or like 2CO, oyu will have to wait a 2 weeks after posting qustions.

    I emailed WorldPay on 04-23-2005 but still havent recived any aswer from them. So, it may reflect their customer support as well.

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    We are using WorldPay too. Its recurring payment, integration with ModernBill and Fraud detection report are all useful features

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    As far as gateway goes... we've used them all at one point or another for our own business.

    Currently, I'm a fan of eProcessingNetwork for a lot of reasons. Built-in fraud velocity filter & recurring billing plus their Authorize.Net emulation mode are a few of the big reasons.

    There are lots of good gateway options though. Authorize.Net is well known and universally compatible with virtually every 3rd party e-commerce app ever made.

    iTransact, Plug-n-Pay, CyberSource, Verisign, Paradata... each of them has features & benefits that are useful and price points that match the needs of various types of merchants.

    Keep in mind that with all of the above options you still need a compatible Internet merchant account to go with it. You'll also want to make sure that the gateway you select is compatible with any current or future planned e-commerce applications that you'll be using. (i.e. shopping cart, billing software, etc.) - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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