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    Recurring not charged in 2co v2

    We have converted all sales in V2.

    Now i have some confusion, it seems in V2 the recurring sales not charging.

    i.e. a order recurring started on 19th March 2005 and it has
    to be next recurring charge on 19th April, but its not charged.

    I am so frustated.

    Have u guys faced this type of problem???

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    It seems there are different between 2 system . Check this

    "We recently tried to rebill your recurring order XXXXXX.

    The customer has recieved notification of this failure and has been notified
    to update thier payment details. If the customer updates their billing information
    we will attempt to rebill the sale"

    It seems client must update their new card each time if card fail to bill
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    >It seems client must update their new card each time if card fail to bill

    Yes, 2CO doesn't attempt ANY rebilling in the event
    of a failed attempt on the scheduled date UNLESS your
    customer updates or takes physical action in order to
    continue which means hundreds of lost customers for
    many many 2CO users. One of 2CO's BEST features
    was the fact that they automatically attempted to rebill
    up to 15 in version 1 - now that's GONE in V2. This
    is a huge huge negative as many will soon discover
    as they start losing clients they've worked hard to
    get. I hope 2CO gets on the ball and starts an automated
    recurring billing schedule with V2 like the did with V1.

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    We've had emails from 2co that so and so order failed to be rebilled due to insufficient funds in the account of payee and the order will be rebilled in next 5 days.

    Recently we got an email which mentioned that the order will be rebilled only if the payee updates his billing information. Seems like something has changed in policies of 2co.

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