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    144 is for sale

    Check out the link:
    A friend of mine owns this domain and it is for sale with the forum included. How much money should this sort of sale bring.
    10000 unique visitors per month.
    less than 15 gigs of bandwidth per month.
    ranks well in google.
    over 1000 registered members since september with no promotion at all.

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    how much does he want for it?
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    I am the owner of the domain and I am entertaining offers in the XX,XXX range for the domain as I type.

    It is a busy little critter as Dustin56 mentioned above and it is not even close to it's potential, but I need to either sell it or find a partner to market the domain and make it supply a reasonable income.

    I had great dreams for this domain when I first registered it as hockey here in Canada is a huge sport and the fans of the game love to talk, but I soon realized that I have neither the time or the marketing know-how to make it work for me.

    So make me an offer or be a partner, I will take either.


    (Thanks Dustin56 this is a great resource site)

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    I am entertaining offers in the XX,XXX range
    Does the site have any income at all right now and if so what are the sources. Also could you post a screenshot of stats. Also looked on the site is says website since 2001 , so which is it, did it start in 2001 or in september of last year?

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    tec-man has had the site since, 2001, however it was running on windows based forum software. The site was re-created in september using VBulletin with a fresh database, so all the members and posts reflected on the site are since september. I will pm you with a link to stats. as far as income goes, there is minimal income from adsense. as stated above, the site is being sold because of the owners lack of marketing knowledge, however the income potential should be apparent. It just needs the right person to market it.

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