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    Is 100MB connection enough to start a dedicated server company?

    I have had the fortunate opportunity to own a small datacenter which has a 100mb ethernet connection to a tier 1 provider. Is this enough to start a small dedicated server company?


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    i think it would be enough to put your own servers in there to start with, maybe a few others as long as they knew there was no backup bandwidth if that provider went down. i would look into getting a lower bandwidth pipe in as a backup though.

    once costs are covered then start adding bandwidth and redundency.
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    Yeah, thinking about putting in an alternative provider. The goood thing is that the investor that is providing this 100mb link said he has no problem going to 1GIG if the needs justify it. Heck, if we get 50 servers hosted, I could easily see making around 40k a month. That should be enough to pay for a 1gig link.

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    $800/server, nice price, I take it we're not targetting the value sector of the market here then
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    My bad, I meant to say if I get 50 servers in there, that should be about 40k-50k a year projected. Not 40k-50k a month. yeah 800/server is crazy! :-)

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    40K/year for 1gig line?
    So, it's only 3000+ for a 1 Gig line these days? That's not counting the server costs, rent, electricity and whatnot.

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    We have the means to get 1gig lines cheaper than that from a tier 1 provider. And 40k is revenue from the 50 servers not profit.

    My main concern was to see if a 100mb connection was enough to take care of a few servers for a dedicated server startup. I wasn't concerned about finance questions yet. Though I walked myself into it by mistake.


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