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    Shoutcast servers for sale

    I have the following packages available for sale:

    Shoutcast package I: $10 per month
    10 listeners at 96kbps or lower

    Shoutcast package II: $20 per month
    20 listeners at 96kbps or lower

    If you need to broascast at a higher/lower biterate, PM me and i will give you a quote.

    Each shoutcast will have its own dedicated IP address. You will have SSH/FTP access to the server. You can either install the software or we will do it for you at no charge. You will also be able to run an eggdrop (IRC access) from the server for playlists and such.

    If you need a sample stream PM me.
    Ben S.

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    Shoutcast package I

    Shoutcast package still available ?

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