Along with our two shared hosting package ValuePack and ValueBizPack we have introduced StarterPack for new staring websites.

These are the three shared hosting packages that are currently available from Dualnic Network Solutions.

280 Megabytes of Webspace
6 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
20 POP3 Mail Box
4 mySQL Database
4 Sub Domains
No Add-On Domains
Pricing Monthly : $4.75 US

800 Megabytes of Webspace
40 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
60 POP3 Mail Box
16 mySQL Database
16 Sub Domains
3 Add-On Domains
Pricing Monthly : $ 7.75 US

1800 Megabytes of Webspace
80 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
200 POP3 Mail Box
35 mySQL Database
35 Sub Domains
12 Add-On Domains
Pricing Monthly : $ 14.75 US

Full list of features and plan comparision is available on our website.


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