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    Query about HSphere Control Panel

    Hey guys,

    i have a question for you.

    We have installed H-Sphere Control Panel in our company. I want to setup Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on the same web hosting dedicated server and want to add that package to hsphere control panel. Server has Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system installed on it.

    Now when i am trying to add microsoft windows sql server 2000 database package to hsphere control panel, its not allowing me to add it. Its giving me some environment error.

    Does anyone has any idea about the issue?

    Any help is appriciated.

    Thank you.

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    From what I take, H-Sphere must be on its own Linux server. Windows needs to be on a separate server. I don't think they can work together on one server.

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    Hey Danx,

    thanx for your reply.

    We have two different servers for different hosting, one is for windows web hosting and another is for linux web hosting. Also we have one another dedicated server on which we have installed hsphere control panel and database. And on that server, we have microsoft windows 2003 server is installed on it.

    As per my knowledge, hsphere can run on windows os too.. isnt it?

    And once again, i do apologise for not setting up the signature at the beginning.

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    If you are clustering, as far as I know, H-Sphere must be run on the Linux server, and the Windows ones set up as part of the cluster [however clustering is done].

    If you want to install separate copies of H-Sphere on each server, it may not work on any but your Linux one.

    I would try shooting an e-mail to the guys at H-Sphere to confirm this if you wanted to do the second option.

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    Contact PSOFT support.
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    You must first have a windows server. H-Sphere CP only runs on Free BSD and RHE (and I think some others now) BUT IT DOES not RUN ON WINDOWS NOR CAN YOU INSTALL mssql server on H-Sphere CP server. You MUST have 2 servers to do what you want. As the other gentlemen said contact psoft. Go to and create a support account with them. Then get yourself a windows box and ask psoft to add it to your cluster.

    Hope this helps
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